Can I upload photos directly?

Presently, we unfortunately don’t support direct uploads of photos to Folia for plantings and journals.

There are a couple of very good reasons for this at the moment:

Bandwidth: As Folia is completely funded by our Supporters, we need to be able to minimise the costs of keeping Folia running as much as possible. Bandwidth (the amount of data available for our site) is expensive – one of the ways to minimize our bandwidth is to reduce the reliance on images/photos which is why have taken the decision to integrate with external photo album web sites. We would really appreciate you taking a look at the alternatives for now – flickr is fantastic and its basic account is completely free.

Moderation: Hosting the photos ourselves (or allowing you to link to photos on your own servers) means that we will have to find additional time to review and moderate each photo being linked to ensure that they comply with our Community Guidelines and also with general rules of decency. We currently don’t have time to dedicate to this task on top of all the other tasks of running a site this large, so until we can find a sustainable way of moderation we cannot consider direct uploads. External Photo hosting sites do this on our behalf with the resources they have available, so it’s an excellent way to outsource this task for the moment.

Uploading Tools: External hosting sites have been developing their uploading tools for years now and as a result they have a number of very advanced and easy to use tools to enable quick uploading of multiple images. To develop even simple versions of these tools would take time that would be much better used on developing better garden tracking features. Flickr, for example has a very good installable desktop installer program for Mac and PC that allows you to drag-and-drop your photos into the installer.

However, saying all this, we aren’t ruling out letting you all upload your own images. We are currently trialling photos on a number of different areas of the site (e.g. posts, groups) this year to see their bandwidth & moderation impacts, and we’ll keep you posted on how we go.