What are the features that are available in the Supporter account?

We run this site completely without funding, and around our jobs and as a consequence our costs are tight. We originally developed the Supporter account in late 2008 as a way to help us meet the hosting costs of running the site, and in return for your financial support we provide advanced features and exclusive tools around the site.

Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list of features, as we are always adding to this list.

A few of the features that we have so far includes:

Planting timelines: Timelines are available for all plantings in your list. Free account holders are able to see 3 sample timelines only.

Private Journaling: Supporters have the ability to mark some or all of their journal entries as private and only visible to themselves.

Seed Starting Schedules: A way to mark when each of your seeds are best to start sowing or transplanting, along with an estimated first sow date is available to view and configure for Supporters.

Advanced Milestones: Free account holders get a basic list of common milestones to use (e.g. Sprouting, Harvesting) whilst Supporters get a range of advanced milestones (e.g. Preserving, Breaking Dormancy and More ). Furthermore, Supporters can configure this list to display only the milestones they use frequently, and also add notes to each milestone logged.

Harvest Logging: Supporters can log harvest amounts (e.g. 2 cups, 4.5 kg etc) in their milestone logging. These harvests are tallied in the Harvest Tally Report that shows how much was harvested for the season for each garden.

Exporting / Reporting Supporters have a range of options to export their stash, task, milestone and planting lists in Excel and iCal formats.

Sorting / Searching Supporters have many ways to sort and filter each of their stash, planting, wish and swap lists, including keyword searching and a calendar based date filter for their journals.

Planting Quantity Tracking Supporters can track quantities of each planting and stash.

Split Plantings Supporters are able to split their plantings into a number of new plantings (good when pricking out) via a special tool that will create an exact replica including milestones.

Copy Plantings Supporters can quickly create a new planting from an existing one (without milestones)

Move Plantings Supporters can quickly move / transplant plantings from one garden to another via the Quick Add Milestones box. A record of the previous garden is stamped into the log when this event is used.