How do I link my planting to others growing the same thing?

You’ll need to Classify your Planting into the Folia Plant system so that we know what plant it is. Once we know what plant you are growing, we can then show you who else is currently growing your plant and where.

To classify your planting, on the Add or Edit Planting page, you’ll find a section called “Classify”. These boxes are search boxes, so type in the start of the name of your plant (e.g. “Toma” for “Tomato”) and it will start finding you a list of likely matches.

The searcher works best if you know the cultivar or botanical name, as this narrows down the possibilities quite quickly. You can search on botanical name, common name, synonyms or cultivar name.

If you have absolutely no idea what your Planting is, just leave the Classify section blank. You can tick the “Add my plant to the ‘What Plant Is This?’ page” if you would like others to help you out in identifying your plant.