How do I split a planting?

If you need to split a planting into a new planting at any point in the plant’s lifecycle, you can use the Split feature to do so.

For example: you create 1 Planting to track 5 Chili Pepper seedlings you have planted on the same day. When it comes time to plant them outside, you decide to plant 3 of the seedlings in your Backyard garden, and 2 in your Frontyard garden. You’d now like to track the 2 groupings separately in the system from this point forward, so you decide to “Split” them into 2 Plantings.

Splitting a planting will create a new copy of the planting, along with new copies of all milestones for that planting. Any journal entries you have linked the planting to will be automatically linked with the new split planting.

A new Dividing milestone will also be added the newly created split planting to link it to its original planting. A Dividing milestone will also be added to the original milestone to indicate that it has undergone a split – this will also be linked to the newly created planting.

Note: As the split process is very server intensive, we use what is called a “delayed job” to do the actual creation of the milestones and journal items. This means that it doesn’t happen exactly on the page load, the commands to create the milestones are added to a job queue and are processed in the order they are added. This means that (depending on the server load at the time you do the split) the split can take up to 5 mins to process. There is a message that displays at the top of the page once you have clicked the Split button which signifies that the split is underway – refreshing the planting page after a while you’ll start to see the various milestones and journal entries start to appear.

To split a Planting:

1. Go to the planting page for the planting you wish to split

2. Click the “Split Planting” option on the right hand side of the page. This will start the process of dividing and copying your milestones. It will take up to 10 minutes for your new milestones and journal entries to be linked – you don’t have to stay on this page whilst this is happening as it will occur in the background for you.

The Split Planting feature is only available for Supporter Accounts.