How do I track cuttings from plants?

You have a couple of options depending on how you want to track your cuttings:

If you want to keep track of cuttings for swapping purposes (i.e. you have received the cutting from a friend and you’d like to keep a note of this), you can log them as Stash Items. Select the “Cuttings” type from the dropdown menu to set them as a cutting in the system. Once you plant your cuttings, you can then plant from your stash to preserve the connection between the original cutting and the planting.

If you’d like to immediately treat the cutting as a new plant and you have already logged the plant you took the cutting from in Folia, you can create a new Child Planting from the plant. This will link the cutting plant to its parent plant for future reference. You’ll find this option in your menu options on the planting page.