What do I do if I don't know what my planting is?

Folia is designed to be as flexible as possible in regard to the classification of your plantings as we know that gardeners are all different in terms of how they name and classify their plants in their gardens. If you don’t know exactly what your plant is, that’s completely fine, you can still add your plantings into the system.

You have a couple of different options in terms of how you want to handle your “unknown” plantings:

1. Leave the classification area blank – it is a completely optional field to complete, and you can always edit the planting later to add this info if you do find out what your plant is down the track.

2. If you know the genus of your plant, you can link your planting to the genus entry (i.e. Tulipa) in the database, and then change this if you find out the exact species later on.

In addition to this, if you would like others to help you with the classification of your plant, you can mark the “Add my plant to the ‘What Plant Is This?’ page” checkbox on your Edit page – this will add your plant to the What’s My Plant page.

Note: The Add New Planting quick box on your dashboard will only allow you to add plants that exist in the plant database, so you will need to add any Unknown plantings via the Add New Planting page.