How do I link my journal to my plantings / gardens?

On your journal page you’ll find a big search box that will let you search through all of your gardens and plantings. Type a couple of characters, and a list of possible matches will appear. Select the item you want to add to your journal and it will appear in your “journal items” list.

After you’ve added your plantings and gardens to your journal item list, you can then assign events to each – these events will appear as milestones on your growing timelines. You’ll also see a day counter appear next to each – so you can see for each item in your journal precisely how old each planting was when the event happened.

When you view your journal on your Journal page, you should see all the plantings, gardens and events that you linked up written in grey under the journal title.

On the journal page itself, you’ll also find a list of all the plantings, gardens and events you’ve linked with the journal under the “This entry is about” heading.