How do I add a milestone?

To add a milestone:

1. Click on the My Home button in the top bar

2. Your Gardening Homepage will appear, with the Add Milestone box appearing at the top like this:

3. Start typing into the Planting / Garden box to trigger the search lookup. This will search both your plantings and gardens for the search term you have entered.

4. Select the Planting / Garden you would like to add the milestone for.

5. Next, select the milestone event you would like to log (e.g. Spouting, Harvesting etc.).

6. The date selector box will then appear, along with a series of other boxes depending on the milestone you have selected.

7. Select the date for the milestone from the date box that appears - today's date will be prepopulated so if the milestone occurred today you can leave as is.

8. If you would like to add a photo to the milestone, click the Choose Photo button and the photo chooser will appear. Select your photo by clicking on the preview box that is displayed.

9. Add a brief description of the milestone in the Notes field.

10. If you have Facebook and/or Twitter connected to Folia, you'll see checkboxes that will allow you to automatically post the milestone to your social networks. Uncheck the boxes if you would prefer not to post to these networks.

 11. When you are happy with your milestone information, click the Add Milestone button to save and post to Folia.

Alternatively, you can add a milestone through your Add New Journal page, this is the best option if you’d like to write a bit more detail about the milestone (or a group of milestones that happened on the same day).