How do I add a milestone to a journal?

Firstly, navigate to your Add New Journal page.

Write a title, description and adjust the date and weather if necessary.

Under the “What’s this about?” heading you’ll find a white box – this is a box you can use to search for a planting you have added to Folia (if you haven’t already added the Planting, then you’ll need to add the Planting first)

Type in a couple of characters to begin the search, and when your Planting appears in the search results, click this to link it to your journal. You can repeat this process to add as many Plantings as you like to the Journal.

Select the milestone event (e.g. Sown, Blooming, Harvesting) from the dropdown list. Supporters can also add Quantity / Amount (for certain milestones like Harvesting) and a short note.