How do I add a Quick Add milestone?

On your gardener dashboard, you’ll find a box at the top called “What’s happening in your garden”. If you have an event to quickly log into Folia and don’t want to write a journal entry along with it, then this is your best option.

Start by selecting a date from the top bar – for simplicity, dates can only be selected from up to 14 days ago. If your milestone date is older than this, then you will need to use the Add Journal method to add your milestone.

Type a couple of characters to search for your Planting in the first textbox. Once you see your Planting appear in the results, click to select it.

Select the Milestone event type from the dropdown – a description of the event will display, and if you are a Supporter extra fields will display to let you add Quantity, Amount (for milestones like Harvesting) and a small note to accompany the milestone.

Click on the small image icon on the left hand side of the planting textbox to open the Image Chooser – this will let you add a photo for the milestone. If you don’t wish to add a photo, just leave as is and it will use the default milestone icon.

When you are ready, click the Log! button – when the milestone has been successfully saved you should see it in the milestones list below the Quick Add Event box.