How does the Swap Matcher work?

The Swap Matcher is a report that compares your wish list & items you have available for swap with everyone else’s lists to give you some swap suggestions.

You’ll find a link to your Swap Matcher list on the right hand side of your Swap List or Wish List pages.

If you haven’t got any matches on your list yet, make sure that:

1. All your swappable seeds are logged and marked as “Available to Swap”

2. You have a good sized list of wish list items.

3. All stash, planting and wish list items are classified correctly

If you are not interested in a particular match, click the “Ignore this swap match” and this match will no longer be recommended to you. If you find that you have been matched to yourself, then that means you might have a bit of wish list tidying up to do ;)

Note: Due to the processing involved in figuring these matches out, for now your Swap Matches get calculated once a day at 1PM GMT – they won’t appear instantly.