So, is Folia just another gardening social network?

We didn’t originally think of the site as a social network at all – it was first and foremost designed to be a site where you could track your plants and gardens, whilst adding to a centralised gardening database for others to view and learn from. Early on however, we found a number of our beta testers wanted a little bit more of a community feel – hence little features like gardening buddies, faves, and groups were born. We have tried to make sure that these features are entirely optional, if you want to use these features you can, but you are welcome to use the site for the tracking and learning elements only if you like.

The site is also designed to be something that isn’t time heavy and that is low maintenance – you are quite okay to wander in and out of the site based on your gardening seasons – after all, that’s what gardening is all about, right?

Remember also that this site will always be evolving – and its members will always dictate the direction that folia needs to take (not some boardroom type guy wanting to cash in on a “web 2.0” craze)