So how is this different from [My favourite Gardening Forum]?

One of the things that we were sure of when we started folia was that we didn’t want to become another gardening forum site – the problems with forums is that they don’t have the structure to allow for learning and for adding layers of knowledge, so many opportunities to add and expand that knowledge is lost.

That’s why “sticky” posts and “read the FAQ” are so important on forums – they are a attempt to reduce the amount of duplicate posts about the same things. As gardening is so dependent on accumulated knowledge, comparison to others in similar conditions and learning from others, these sites are just a wasted opportunity and don’t get better as they get bigger – they often become more fragmented and hard to keep track of.

We have designed folia from the ground up to be completely about the concepts of gardening, which means that we can capture knowledge, find connections between gardeners, and become a much more powerful resource – as the number of gardeners grows on folia, the knowledge and connections also increase.