How do I use the text editor on Folia?

Folia uses a text formatting engine called Textile. You can either use the buttons provided on the top of editing box, or you can type the format in yourself.

To use the buttons: Type the text you want to make bold, italic or a link, select it using your mouse, then click on the formatting option you would like for that word.It should pop some funny characters around the word that Folia can read.

To type the formatting commands yourself There is a full textile reference located here (note that we don’t support some commands like images). Alternatively, you can click the little blue info icon on the editing box to display this reference when you need it.

Really Quick Reference

A couple of useful ones to learn:


_this is in italics_


*this is in bold*


+this is underlined+

Numbered Lists:

# this is a numbered list 1
# this is a numbered list 2
# this is a numbered list 3


"this is a link to folia":