How do I navigate around Folia?

There are quite a few different ways to navigate around as there are many ways of using Folia, so the best thing is to experiment until you find the best way works with how that you use the site.

How do I quickly find my navigation links?

Navigation Tabs

To begin with, you can navigate to the major sections of Folia via the green tabs at the top of the page (on the bar below the Folia logo). These pages mostly show what the community is doing, so they are a great way of finding things like popular plants and journals, searching for other gardeners and groups you might like to join. They are organised by topic – so for instance if you’d like to locate a gardener on the site you would click on the “People” tab.

Global Search

We don’t yet have a global search as we would like to make sure we get it right – in the meantime, you can find search boxes on each of the section pages that will let you search for gardeners, plants and journals.