How to merge a variety

Short Version

If you have done this before, and just need a refresher then a brief run through may be all that’s required.

  1. Open the variety page of the plant that you need to merge out (demote). Note that it won’t exist after this edit is completed.

  2. Open that page for editing

  3. Review any existing content and copy it manually to another destination (most likely this will be the variety you are merging into – the target.)

  4. In the Superhelper area at the top of the page (coloured background), use the drop down menu to select the variety you wish to merge into – the target.

  5. With the correct variety selected as the target and displaying in the selection box, Click on the Save button to the right.

  6. Heed the warning message and if sure then click OK. This will perform the merge.

  7. The browser will refresh and show the page for the variety that you merged into. Some fields (the Popular variety list) may not show correctly but a forced refresh after the server has caught up should correct this.

Long Version

(The images below may be hard to read at the resolution shown here. They can be opened separately which will allow them to be viewed at their original size.)

In the plant database (wiki) we have a plant named Abronia deletus with 4 listed varieties.

  • Variety 1
  • Variety 2
  • Variety 3
  • Variety 4

This is shown in the image below.

We want to merge Variety 4 into Variety 3. This may be because it has been flagged by another Folian as incorrect, or perhaps there has been a mistake in entering it. No matter, as we can merge it into the other, but the merge will not carry over any existing content. None of the content added by other Folians will survive this merge – so it will need checking and any relevant data manually transferred to Variety 3.

The image below shows the plant page for Variety 4, the one we are going to merge out (demote).

To do this we need to edit the page.

Go to the blue icon on the right hand side of the page labelled Edit the Wiki. and click on that link…

and the edit page will open. For a Super Helper, the top of the page will look similar to the image below. That coloured section at the top is the area of the edit page that we will be working on for this merge.

Select the variety that this one is to be merged into (the target) by using the drop down menu in the coloured, Super Helper area. We are merging into Variety 3 so that has been highlighted in the list by scrolling down to it, as shown below.

With Variety 3 selected and entered (by double clicking or pressing enter), ‘click’ on the save button next to it and the Dialog box shown in the image below will ‘pop’ up

Are you sure you wish to merge the current variety into the selected one above? This cannot be undone!

We are certain (if in doubt Cancel it and run through the process again!) so we click on the Dialog’s OK button and the page will refresh and be replaced by the page for Variety 3 – the target variety that we selected.

There may be a delay while the Folia database catches up with workload which means that the varieties may not display correctly (we merged out Variety 4 yet it is still visible as an entry under Popular varieties) so a second refresh may be needed.

As mentioned, the server at Folia that handles this task may be busy and the remainder of the job may be queued for completion at a later time (that will be in minutes rather than hours).

It may also be necessary to clear the browser cache and purge the old copy of the page for the page to display all the changes. To do this wait a while and then hold down the SHIFT key and while doing so, click on the page refresh arrow. After that has been done the page should display correctly, if not try again later.

In this case notice that Variety 4 has now disappeared which indicates that the merge has been a success.

A check of the planting page for Variety 3 will show that Variety 4 has indeed been added. Confirmation that the merge has been successful! (This last check relies on there being existing plantings, this may not always be the case.)