How do I identify spammers on the site?

Finding and reporting spammers on the site is something that gets easier the more you see, as you start recognising the spammer patterns that they use.

Folia mainly gets targeted by what are known as “link spammers” – these are people who try and plant links to their own sites around Folia in order to improve their SEO (which means they appear higher in search engine results).

Some linkspammers are very obvious (like the example in the screenshot below, but as this example also shows they can be quite crafty as well – this person has tried to hide their links by writing a short intro that looks legitimate on first glance (and in any lists where we show a snippet of the profile description.

Another thing to indicate that they might be a linkspammer is that they often say that they are located somewhere that they are not – you can see on the example that this person is from India, but has said in their profile that they are in California!

Be careful clicking on the links if you see a profile like this one – if you aren’t sure if the links are spam and they are in a different language, then you can always run it through Google Translate (copy and paste the description into translate to see how they describe the links)

The profile will not be deleted or changed if you report a member for spam – all that will happen is that Nic and Nath will receive an alert email to let them know that they need to review the account – so please don’t hesitate to flag any profiles that look suspicious.