How do I add a new Retailer to the Folia database?

To add a new Retailer to the Folia database:

  1. Go to your Add Planting page
  2. Under the Where did it come from?

    section, find the Source dropdown and select the I purchased it option

  3. In the Retailer / Seller textbox that appears immediately under the dropdown, search for the retailer first using this box to ensure that this retailer isn’t already in the database

  4. If it isn’t yet in the database, click the Add a new retailer… link to the right of the textbox

  5. In the popup box that appears, enter the details for the new retailer

  6. Click the Add button to save the details to the system

  7. Your new retailer will be automatically populated into the source box for use with this planting.
Please ensure that the retailer you are adding is definitely not already in the database already as this saves our volunteers time in maintaining and cleaning the database!