How do I set an icon for my group?

Caretakers can find a new upload box on their edit page – you can use this to select an image from your harddrive. You can upload an image of any size and dimension, but ideally for best results the image should be 125px x 125px in size and be either a GIF, JPG or PNG file format.

A blank template that you can download and edit to use as a guide is available here:

The system will automatically resize and crop your image if you do upload an image bigger than this, so best way to figure out what works is to give it a go!

Another thing to keep in mind – the system won’t do the resizing instantly, it will queue it for processing. This means that you might find that the image takes up to 30 sec to display after you upload it (depending on the size of your original image, and how long the processing queue currently is)

Once it’s uploaded, it should appear on your group page and in the groups list – so it’s definitely a good way to make your group stand out from the crowd!