How do I become a Caretaker of a Group?

Only one member of the group can be a Caretaker at any one time – so you can only take up the Caretaker position if the previous person has already vacated it.

Caretakers that have not been active for a long period of time on Folia are sent an Caretaker expiry warning that gives them 14 days to log back into the site and get their group going again. If they do not log in after this time, their Caretaker position is automatically removed and the group is now available for a new Caretaker to take up the role.

If the Caretaker role is available, you will see a big banner at the top of the group page that will ask you if you want to become the Caretaker. Click on the link and you will be assigned the Caretaker role. Alternatively, the same link appears in the right hand side menu on the same page..